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About Down in Deep

Down In Deep, located in Atlanta, GA, takes a different approach from the typical Pro-Tools and Isobooth studio. Tremendous variety of acoustic environments is given by a main room that easily accomodates a full band or large choir, separate drum booth and four other tracking rooms.

Available instruments include an assortment of keyboards: Yamaha C7 Grand Piano, Hammond A100 and Leslie cabinets, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Clavinet, Minimoog, Oberheim Expander and more; house drum kit, wide variety of bass and guitar amps.

Other formats available are 2 inch 16 track, ADAT and most of the common DAW programs. Owner/operator Martin Kearns has thirty years of experience in professional recording studios as musician, engineer and producer for record dates, television commercials and films.



Liz Wright
Earl Klugh
Wycliffe Gordon
Victor Goins
Kemba Cofield
Takana Miyamoto
Rene Marie
Richard Smith
Terryion Gulley
Will Scruggs
David Sanchez
Wes Funderburk
Marcus Printup
Val Parker
Junko Takeo
Bernard Linette
Karan Kendrick
Quinton Baxter
Zach Pride
Colin Agnew
Musaki Scales
Russell Gunne
Kebby Williams
Neal Starkey
Celeste Brown
Curtis Fuller
Kirk Whalum
Will Goble Quartet
Colin Agnew Quintet
Nick Rosen Quartet
Christian Tambur

Pop & Roots:

Shawn Mullins
Matthew Kahler
Delta Moon
Tommy Dean
Elise Witt
League of Decency
Sue Wilkinson
Holly Renee Allen
Dappled Greys
Deja Blue
Rick Huff
Frankie's Blues Mission
Heaven Davis
John Austin
The Hot Rods
Scott Little
Kirk McMillan
Kitty Wolf
Dustin Edge
Thermos Greenwood
Arlington Priest
Mike Gier
Mo Tucker
Kevin Kinney
Terry Lee Evans
Tommy Knight
Clay Harper
King Johnson
The Wood Brothers
The Mickey June Show
Lynette Suzanne
Clay Cook
Beggars Deceivers
Todd Beauchamp
Sean Costello
Mark Harper
The Carllile Family
Coy Bowles
Clay Cook
Geoff Achison
Kieth Leslie
Sam Kelly
Robert Ray
Rua 6
Leah Calvert
Elise Witt


Anthony David
Andre Rievers
Sabrina Mulheiros
India Arie
Chantae Cann
Kabanya Chemise
Denise White
Chanda McKnight
Paige Lackey Martin
Karisha Roi
Netta Ellis
Venus 7
Heston Francis
Slick & Rose
Kahri Simmons
Alex Lattimore
Julie Dexter
Mellisa Young
Jahee Kearse
Venus 7
Freeman Brothers
Dre Bowman
Omar Phillips
Rick Jordan

Commercial Clients:

Cartoon Network
Oregon Catholic Press

(Above) Heston Francis session with Rafael Pereira on percussion, Robert Henson on bass and Colin Agnew on percussion.

(Below) ILL session with Ryan Waters on guitar and Martin Kearns. Photo credit: Marlon Patton.

(Above) Georgina with Shawn Mullins.

For more photos see the photos category of the blog.

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