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Martin Kearns Bio and Discography

In addition to engineering and production credits listed below, Martin Kearns has performed live and/or recorded with such diverse artists as The Impressions, Emily Sailers, James Brown, Shawn Mullins, Michelle Malone, Nappy Brown, Caroline Aiken, REM, Greg Allman, and many other national and local Atlanta artists. In the course of his career he has performed as a keyboardist on over 1000 album projects. Martin Kearns brings a performing musician's understanding and sensitivity to the artist's needs to his engineering and production work.

Partial list of credits (roll over album title for image):

Jacey Falk radio show. Ongoing weekly production beginning Feb 2013. Recording/editing comedy sketches & sound design.
Doug Moody, Something Better. Indie to be released 2013. Producer/engineer/keys/drum programming.
Andre Rievers, (still untitled) indie. To be released summer of 2013. Producer (with Khari Simmons & Daz IKue)/engineer (with Daz IKue)
Alexa Lima, solo piano CD. To be released 2013. Engineer.
Byron Sowell, (untitled) to be released 2013. Engineer.
Dracula, the Opera, to be released 2013. Producer/Engineer/keys.
Niel Davidge (of Massive Attack), solo project to be released 2013. Vocal engineering.
Jhelisa Anderson. In production. Engineer/co-production with artist.
Sundogs, in production. Procuder/engineer/keys.
Don Stewart, indie. Mix engineer.
UUCA choir, Brahms Requiem. Location recording. Engineer/mix.
Alex Lattimore, in production. Producer/Engineer/mix/keys.
Khari Cabral Simmons, 5 songs for misc. liscencing in Italy, England, Japan. Released 2013. Co-production with Khari Simmons and Daz IKue, engineer with Daz IKue, mix with Daz IKue. Keys.
Davin McCoy, indie, to be released 2013. Keys.
Martin Kearns, 130 Project, to be released 2013, Producer/Engineer/Keyboards/Guitar/ Mix/Composer
Martin Kearns, Organistic, in production, 2013, Keyboards/Composer
Terry Lee Evans, From the Soul, to be released, 2013, Production/Engineer/Keyboards/Guitar/Mix
Adam McKnight, untitled, to be released, 2013, Keyboards
Holly Allen, Big Love. Indie, to be released 2013. Producer/engineer/keys/bass/guitar.
Khari Cabral Simmons, Never in Your Sun. Remix released 2012. Co-producer/engineer.
Eliot Bronson, Milwaukee. Indie released 2012. Engineer/keys.
Boxtop Jenkins, You're Happier When You're Happy. Indie released 2012. Keys/engineer.
Dean & Ewbank, Blues Say Goodblye. Indie released 2012. Producer/engineer.
Faye Webster, Faye Webster. Indie released 2012. Keys/engineer.
Gwen Hughes, Fragile Faith. Fairfield Records, released 2012. Producer (with Kari Simmons)/engineer/keys.
Anthony David, Love Out Loud. Released 2012, E2 records. Keyboards, engineer.
KRIT, Live from the Underground. Def Jam 2012. Keys.
Michelle Malone, Day 2. SBS Records 2012.Keys
Adron, Organismo. Indie released 2011. Producer/engineer.
Holly Allen, Red Dirt Soul. Indie, released 2011. Producer/engineer/keys/guitar.
Curtis Fuller, Story of Kathy & Me, 2011, Challenge Records, Engineer
Khari Cabral Simmons, Clementine Sun. Featuring India Arie, Russell Gunn, Sabrina Malheiros, Monday Michu, Otiel Burbage, Julie Dexter, to be released 2011, Production/Engineer/Keyboards
Anthony David, Location location location. Released 2011, E2 records. Engineer, keyboards, string arrangement.
Callaghan, Life in Full Colour. Indie. Released 2011. Keys.
Dave Daniels, A Place to Put a Dream. Indie released 2011. Keys/engineer.
Willie Ziavino, Camino Empedrado, 2011, indie, Mix/Vocal Tracking
Heston Francis, Warm Human, Cold World, 2011, UK release, Dome, Production/Engineer/Mix/Keyboards/Banjo
Max Davidson, Love Songs, 2011, indie, Engineer/Mix/Keyboard
Brent Cash, How Strange it Seems, 2011, Organ/Engineer
Elise Witt, Valise, 2011, Tracking Engineer
Skeebo Knight, Tales from Wimbish Woods, 2011, indie, Mix
Thug Mafia, G Funk Ova Crunk, 2011, indie, Mix/Additional Engineering
Kabanya Chemise, Mosaic, 2010, indie, Mix/Additional Engineering
Melanie Hammet, Edifice Complex, indie, 2010, Keyboards
Peter Polites, Christmas Crazy, 2010, indie, Mix
Kitty Wolf, Jump the Tracks, 2010, indie, Additional Engineering
Frankie's Blues Mission, Sleepin' Dog, 2010, indie, Engineer Mix
Shawn Mullins, Light You Up, 2010, Vanguard, Keyboards/Additional Engineering/String Arrangements
Band of Horses, Georgia, (single), 2010, Horn Arrangement/Keyboards/Additional Engineering
Georgia Fair, Georgia Fair, 2010, Sony Australia, Keyboards
Melissa Young, Just Up The Road, 2010, Sugar Shack, Drum Engineering, Horn Engineer
Lissie, to be released, single, 2010, Sony UK, Keyboards
ill, Down in Deep, 2009, Engineer
Geoff Achison, One Ticket, One Ride, 2009 (Australian release only), Keyboards/Engineering
Dave Daniels, Just Like Ghosts, 2009, indie, Keyboards/Engineering/Mix
Kim Madsen, This Way Home, 2009, Mixing, Producer, Keyboards, Engineer
Alex Lattimore, Promise, 2009, indie, Production/Engineer/Mix/Keyboards/Guitar/Percussion
Nathan Angelo, These Ol' Keys, 2009, indie, Keyboards
Sue Wilkinson, In the Right Place, to be released, 2009, indie, Production/Engineer/Mix/Keyboards & Guitar
The Hot Rods, The Hot Rods, 2009, Glassmaster Records, Engineer
Kim Madsen, Saga Songs, 2009, Engineer/Mix
Bernard Linnette, Interactive Sextet, 2009, indie, Engineer/Mix
Celeste Brown, My Favorite Things, 2009, indie, Engineer/Mix
Sweet Lu Quintet, Tribute to Greatness, 2009, Engineer/Mix
Stewart Brown, Tin Pan Man, 2009, Mix
Tommy Dean, Vaguely Vegas, 2009, indie, Engineer/Mix
Junko Takeo with the Takana Miyamoto Trio, Junko II: Music for Koto and a Jazz Piano Trio, 2009, indie, Engineer
Mary Langdon, Lovers and Liars, 2009, indie, Keyboards
Nathan Sheppard, untitled, 2009, Keyboards/Additional Engineering
Millennium Promise Jazz Project, 2008, Koch Records, Engineer
Junko Takeo with the Takana Miyamoto Trio, Junko : Music for Koto and a Jazz Piano Trio, 2008, indie, Engineer
Takana Miyamoto & Christian Tambur, Duo Project, unreleased, Engineer/Mix
Takana Miyamoto & Rene Marie, Duo project, unreleased, Engineer/Mix
Larry Corse, Songs for My Friends, 2008, indie, Engineer/Mix
Kitty Wolf, Pancakes, 2008, indie, Engineer/Keyboards/Mix
Pete and John, Save Savannah, 2008, Mix
Matthew Kahler, Learning Curve, 2008, indie, Keyboards/additional Engineering
The Bonaventure Quartet, Secret Seduction of the Grand Pompadour, indie, 2008, accordion
DejaBlue Grass Band, Bucket Full of Rain, 2008, indie Engineer/Mix
Kirk McMillan, American Dream World, 2008, indie, Production/Engineering/Mix/Keyboards & Guitars
Shawn Mullins, Live at the Variety Playhouse, DVD & CD, 2008, Vanguard, Keyboards
Tommy Dean, Jazz Without a Net, 2008, indie, Engineer/Mix
Heston Francis, Story Teller, 2008, Dome/World Soul Records, Engineer/Keyboards/Executive Producer/Mix
Tyler Reeve, Whiskey Down, 2008, indie, Keyboards
Geoff Achison/Robert Henson, untitled EP, 2008, Enigineer/Mix
Shawn Mullins, Honeydew, 2008, Vanguard, Keyboards
Jiva, Day Into Night, P-Vine Records, 2007, Organ (Hammond), Engineer, Fender Rhodes
Heaven Davis, Steamy, 2007, Engineer, Producer, Percussion, Mixing, Keyboards, Composer
Nappy Brown, Long Time Coming, 2007, Bling Pig, Engineer
Todd Beauchamp, Ghosts of Hollywood, 2007, indie, Keyboards
Skeebo Knight, Jeckyll Island Nights, 2007, Mixing
Julie Dexter/Khari Cabral Simmons, Moon Bossa, 2007, Brash Keyboards/Additional Engineering
Jaspects, Double Consciousness, 2007, indie, Live Tracking Engineer
The Dappled Grays, Doin My Job, 2007, indie, Tracking Engineer
Will Scruggs Jazz Fellowship, Bluebari Jam, 2007, Summit, Tracking Engineer
Douglas/Parsons, Douglas/Parsons, 2007, indie, Mix
Sasha, Orchestra, 2007, indie, Engineer/Mix
Dustin Edge, A Forest Through The Trees, 2007, indie, Keyboards
Sister Hazel, Absolutely, 2007, Musician, Organ (Hammond)
Peter Polites, Heart Songs, 2007 (unreleased), Engineer/Mix
Samantha Stevens, 2007, Keyboards
Be It the Means, 2007, Keyboards
Devon Ali, demos, 2006, Engineer/Mix
Beggars Deceiver, Whisper Shout Scream, 2006, indie, Keyboards/Additional Engineering
Sasha, Blind Rain, 2006, indie, Engineer/Mix
Coy Bowles & the Fellowship Into the Distance, 2006, indie, Additional Engineering/Mix
Scott Little, Living with the Truth, 2006, Flying Kennedy Records, Keyboards
The Carllile Women, Four Lady Thumbs, The Carllile Women, 2006, indie, Mix/Keyboards/Musical Director
Jahee Kearse, Live, 2006, indie, Engineer
Chadwick Hagan, Ottley Road, 2006, Organ
Lynette Suzanne, Coming Home, 2006, indie, Production/Engineer/Mix
Jimmy Harris, Suburban Blues, 2006, indie, Keyboards
Brian Mason, Lovemonkey, 2006, indie, Production/Engineer/Keyboards
Addison, What a Day, 2005, indie, Keyboards
King Johnson, Live 05, 2005, indie, Mix Engineer
Mike Geier, Mr. Kingsized, 2005, indie, Production/Engineer/Keyboards/Mix
Matthew Kahler, Rock Paper Scissors, 2005, indie, Production/Engineer/Keyboards/Mix
Sam Kelly's Station House, Sunday Best, 2005, indie, Mastering
Telegram, 800 East Sessions, 2005, indie, Production/Engineering/Mix/Keyboards
Telegram, Live at 800 East, DVD, 2005, indie, Engineering/Mix
Kip Attaway, Ate (8), 2005, indie, Keyboards/arrangements
Bishop Don, EP, 2005, Mix
Mark Michaelson, In This World But Not Of It, 2005, indie, Keyboards
Sasha, Percussionata Project, 2004, indie, Engineer
Bill Stewart and the ATL, Drum Crazy, 2004, Funky Kitchen, Mixing
Gevin Lindsey, Gevin Lindsey, 2004, indie, Engineer/Keyboards/Mix
Jennifer Daniels, Summer Filled Sky, 2004, indie, Keyboards
Rick Huff, Come on Down, 2003, Blind Spot Records, Production/Engineer/Keyboards/m\Mix
Local Flankers, Local Flankers, 2003, indie, Mastering
Kodac Harrison, Portraits and Passages, 2003, Corner Records, Keyboards
The Mickey June Show, Spark, 2003, indie, Keyboards
Shawn Mullins, Essential Shawn Mullins, 2003, Vanguard, Organ (Hammond)
Tommy Knight, Scarlet Fever, 2003, indie, Engineering/Mix
Sister Hazel, Chasing Daylight, Sixthman Records, 2003, Organ (Hammond)
Cameron Connerty, 2003, engineer
Tommy Knight, Back Where I Belong, 2003, Engineering, Keyboards
Swimming Pool Q’s, Royal Academy of Reality, 2003, Bar None, Keyboards & engineering
Eden, Paradise Radio, 2003, Keyboards
Popad, Popad,with producer Michael Wyan, 2003, Engineer
Megan Thompson, unreleased, Epic Records, 2002, Keyboards
Tommy Knight, Borrowed Time, 2002, Engineering, Keyboards
A Few Degrees, Smarter, 2002, Keyboards
Caroline Aiken, Unshaken, 2002, Keyboards
Delta Moon, Delta Moon, 2002, Production, Engineering
Paul Sforza, Lifelines, 2002, Tombstone Records, Keyboards
Sanctified, Sanctified, 2002, Keyboards
Blackberry Smoke, Blackberry Smoke, self released/2002, Keyboards
Blankety Blank, Something to Snack On, 2002, Keyboards
John Austin, Busted at the Pearly Gates, 2002, Serious Hip Production, Engineering, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Programming
John Austin, Byzantium, Keyboards
Mondo Heptet (League of Decency), Jump Yer Bones, 2001/Music Mint Production, Engineering, Hammond Organ
Pat Walsh, Egghead, 2001
Various Artists, If I Was a Rich Man, Jonathan Richman tribute, 2001, Wampus Media, Keyboards
Jennifer Daniels, Dive & Fly, 2001, indie, Keyboards
Sonia Leigh, Laundry, 2001, Keyboards
Various Artists, No Y, 1999
Rich Healey, Just for the Songs, 1999, Keyboards
Shawn Mullins, The First Ten Years, 1999, Columbia, Keyboards
Shawn Mullins, Shimmer, 1998, Columbia, Keyboards
Shawn Mullins, Soul's Core, 1998, Columbia
The Bogues, Stereo Sound Blast, 1998/Casino Music, Keyboards
Erin Echo, Using Moonlight, 1998, Weathervane Production, Engineering, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, percussion
Isaac Curry, Lavendar,1998, Revival Records, Keyboards
Evan and Jaron, We've Never Heard of You Either, 1998, Island, Keyboards
Faculty, Soundtrack, 1998, Shawn Mullins "Changes", Keyboards
A Few Degrees, A Few Degrees, 1998, Keyboards
Jack Black, Jack Black, 1998, Cacaphone, keyboards
Sonya Vetra, Limited Edition, 1998, Keyboards
Jack Logan, Buzz Me In, Keyboards
The Bouges, Good Clean Fun, 1997, Casino Records, Keyboards
Antoine Elektra, Gotta Get High, 1997, Casino Music Engineering, Keyboards
#1 Family Mover, #1 Family Mover, 1997, 57 Records: Keyboards
Drivin' & Cryin', Drivin' & Cryin',1997, Ichiban-Drivin n Cryin records, Keyboards
Michelle Penn, How Can You Live, 1997, Pissy Missy Music, Keyboards
Lust, Lust, 1997, Timebomb, Engineering/piano
Sheffield/Webb, Real Time, 1997, Keyboards
Time Bomb 77, 1997, keyboards
Tom Gray, 1997, accordion/wurlitzer
Kevin Kinney (duo for fan club Christmas CD), 1997, piano
Satchel, The Family, Sony?, 1996, keyboards/string arrangements
Skirt, Choking on Sugar, 1996, Keyboards
Harry Lester, No U Turn,1996, Keyboards
Shawn Mullins, Eggshells, 1996, SMG Keyboards
Mark Renyolds, Hammer's Humm, 1996, Keyboards
Greg Roth, Greg Roth, 1996, Keyboards
Evan and Jaron Band, Not From Concentrate, 1996, Keyboards
The Vidalias, Stay in the Dog House, 1996, Keyboards
Serious Fun Compilation, 1996, SMG Keyboards
Mark & Clay Harper, Not Dogs, Too Simple, Childrens Record featuring Kevin Kinney, Mo Tucker, Cindy Wilson, Murray Attaway, Ian Drury, Rev. Horton Heat, Rick Richards, Jeff Calder, Glen Phillips, Production, Engineering, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar
Clay Harper, American Soldier, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Clay Harper, Crazy, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Clay Harper, Dark Side of Town, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Clay Harper, Freedom?, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Clay Harper, Hey, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Clay Harper, Order in the Court, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Clay Harper, Soldiers and Teachers, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Clay Harper, Summer Storms, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Clay Harper, Roly Poly, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Clay Harper, Right on Time, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Clay Harper, Prayin' Hands, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Clay Harper, I Can't Shake It, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Clay Harper, Jack Black, Money Talk, "singles series", 1995/96, Casino Music, keyboards
Memory Dean, Stomp, 1995
A Few Degrees, No One Here, 1995, Keyboards
Gentle Readers, It's a Sexy Life, 1995 Keyboards
Martin Stone, Home Wreckers, 1995. Casino Music, Keyboards
The Vidalias, Melody Land, 1995, Keyboards
Jerry Z, Boogie Woogie Bullfrog,1994, Transitions Music, Keyboards
Gypsy Train, Hayloft, 1994, Keyboards
Billy Pilgrim, Billy Pilgrim 1994, 1994, Atlantic Keyboards
Donkey, 10 Cent Freaks, 1994, Amphion, Keyboards
Smartass, Attitude, Depression, Bourbon & Da' Back Beat, 1993, Sinema Records, Keyboards
Michelle Malone & Band de Soleil, Sound & Fury sessions, 1993/unreleased
Michelle Malone & Band de Soleil, Benchmark Studio sessions produced by Paul Ebersol, 1992, unreleased, keyboards/vocals
Michelle Malone & Band de Soleil, Live at Chameleon Club, produced by Ed Stasium/1992 unreleased, keyboards
Don Conoscenti, Carved in Stone,1992, production, engineering, keyboards, drum programming
Chick Willis, Chuck Willis,1990/Ichiban keyboards
Nappy Brown, Apples & Lemons, 1990, Ichiban, Keyboards
Chris Bozel, “Mother Daughter Banquet”, 1988, Keyboards/engineering/production/guitars
Tom Wolfe, 1987/89, engineer
Swimming Pool Qs, Blue Tomorrow, 1986, A&M, Keyboards & programming
Kevin Dunn, Tanzfeld, 1984, production, keyboards
Love Tractor, Around the Bend, DB Records, Keyboards
Love Tractor, Cows, 1984, DB Records, Keyboards
Jack Heard (Thomas Dolby & David Gamble), 1984, keyboards
Mark Stowe & Face of Concern, Face of Concern, 1983/1984, DB/Press, keyboards/production
Kevin Dunn, C'est Toujours La Meme Guitar, 1983, DB/Press, Keyboards
Love Tractor, “Love Tractor", 1982, DB Records, Keyboards
Delta Angels, keyboards
Kristen Hall, keyboards
Joyce & Jacqee, keyboards
Valerie Pittman, keyboards
The Montana's, keyboards
Mrs. Robinson's Daughter, keyboards
Coctail Girls, keyboards
Geoffrey McBride, keyboards
Kevin Lawson & 3 Lost Souls, keyboards
Wizzard, keyboards
Greg Allman, piano
Chris McGuire (from Ellen James Society), keyboards
Asa Nisi Masa, keyboards
Pure, keyboards
Radiant City, keyboards

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